Silence, noise and family life

I am currently sitting on the couch yearning for peace and quiet.

Yes, even as a hard of hearing person, I yearn for silence.

Unfortunately I have a kid and a husband sitting nearby talking homework.

Correction: the child is whining and complaining about homework and the husband is…I don’t know what he’s doing. He’s interacting with her, making noises with his mouth.

See, I’m completely exhausted from a busy sports weekend with the kids. And even though this is Canada, and fall (technically, it is mid September after all), it was stupid-hot today. I spent something like three and a half hours during lunch time at a baseball diamond today thinking it was mid August or something.

So hot.

Being home now, after all the activities yesterday and today, I feel the tinnitus ringing in my ears. Actually, it’s more of a rushing sound, and it’s very loud.

Disruptive and annoying to my mental fatigue…

So, I took my hearing aid out. I figured it will diminish the noises my family is making.

It’s not. I still hear them. I can’t understand what they’re saying, nor do I want to, but I’m too lazy to get up and move to another room in the house.

Muted noises for us hearing challenged folk is uncomfortable. At least it is to me. The words are coming in distorted, so I’m still hearing conversation but I’m not understanding any of it.

This wears on my nerves.

It’s not their fault. And frankly, no matter how often, or clearly, I try to explain things, they don’t truly understand. They don’t understand that muted, distorted noises coming from them are causing my emotional, mental state to feel precarious.

Sometimes, I get impatient or snippy with them. Sometimes I lose it.

And none of that is fair, to them or to me.

The only solution (for me) is silence in solitude. Which is why I now must make the effort to get up off the couch and go barricade myself into my bedroom.


I bet this isn’t just an issue for hearing impaired people – silence and solitude is often desired by other people too. Introverts, for example.

How do you handle these types of mental over-stimulation?


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