Closed Captioning on television (and social media)

How long does it take to get used to captioning on your television screen?

Closed Captioning is the subtitle row at the bottom of your television screen which you can activate with your remote.

We have CC activated and my family never de-activates this handy feature. They know that I need it to follow along, and they don’t mind.

In fact, they sometimes say that they like it. And all three of them, husband, tween and teen, have completely normal hearing.

Ok, maybe some of them have selective hearing, when it comes to rules or restrictions about fortnite, but that’s another day’s story. 🙃

There is a big debate in the UK about this topic, addressing this need at public venues like movie theaters, train stations and other, similar places. The other day, the Limping Chicken wrote up a post and mentioned a signing Starbucks. This may not be captioning, per se, but it’s along the same lines as helping people with hearing challenges.

Of course, this wouldn’t help me, all I know is baby sign and even that has long gone. 😊

But captioning…I love it. And I need it, even when I watch tutorials on youtube or other social media. It takes the stress away from not being able to understand something.  Having a written account to verify words I didn’t hear, or hear well, it’s very helpful to me.

How long did it take me to get used to it? Probably less than a week.

And now, there are days when I’m so overwhelmed by distorted sounds I’ve had to process all day that I sometimes watch tv with the sound muted, only reading the captioning.

What do you think about captioning? Have you tried it?


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