Trouble with hearing aids, and how to make your own desiccant container

Ok look. I wear one hearing aid in my left ear, and it’s a CIC (Completely In Canal) one. Very small, right? I used to have the bigger ones that fit behind the ear, but that was when I was much younger. I love my CIC now, so easy and convenient!

Well, love is a strong word. I wish I didn’t have to wear any aid. However, it is what it is and now I have all these issues…

Allow me to share with you some of the stupid things I do with my hearing aid. Like this morning:

I sit at the laptop and there are other people in the house. Typically I wear my aid so I can hear them when they suddenly begin to speak to me.

Sometimes, it’s quiet. They’re off doing their thing and I’m trying to concentrate. I start to feel like the aid is making my ear feel hot.

I look around me and notice I’m all alone in this room.

I take out the aid and look for my desiccant dryer container, the proper storage place for hearing aids when not in use.

It’s all the way over on the kitchen island. Meh. Don’t feel like getting up.

I place it on my laptop.

If my aid is on the laptop I have quick access to put it back in my ear if someone comes by and starts speaking. Otherwise, I have to do a number of things in order to hear and lip read and concentrate…anyway, it’s just easier to put it back in when this happens.

But no one is talking to me.

So what do I do?

Somehow I managed to tip over my empty coffee cup near the aid on the laptop.

Except, there was still some coffee in the cup. You saw that coming, right?

So now I have coffee on my aid.


The storage container I have for it has a dryer thingy in it; little tiny plastic beads. It’s a desiccant, of sorts, and if you don’t get one from your hearing aid dispenser, you can buy one, or make your own.

We’ve all heard of people dropping their phones into toilets? They store them in a container filled with rice to dry them out.

You can make the same type of desiccant container for your hearing aid. I would suggest you cut a small piece of wax paper to set atop the rice, though, so that a rice kernel does not end up inside the hearing aid itself.

The container needs a lid and you simply store your hearing aid in that container and wait for it to dry out.

This is what I’m doing to my hearing aid now. Which means my husband’s noises he’s making at the FIFA World Cup game playing on TV behind me are coming in distorted, and each time he cheers or makes a disappointing noise he scares the crap out of me.



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