When the battery dies at the most crucial time

Does that happen to you?

I’m sitting in, say, a rink watching my son play hockey. I position myself just so that my good hearing ear is next to the people I sit beside so I can hear them if they choose to comment about something.

(Ok, a lot of cheering and yelling goes on during a hockey game, but you know what I mean.)

We’re at this most crucial time during a game. It could go either way:  if we score, we win. If the other team scores, we lose.

THIS is the time my hearing aid battery decides to give the three-alarm beeps to announce death is imminent.

I. Hate. That.

So, I keep a little baggie on me at all times. It’s smaller than a traditional purse but it holds my phone, some lip balm, a debit and credit card, cash and those elusive hearing aid batteries.

The trick is to keep the thingy stocked. It comes with four batteries per package. You would think it’s not hard to remember to replenish them once you take the last battery out. But this is not so. Because…see above scenario. I’m distracted during a crucial time of a kid’s game, I absentmindedly take the battery out after the game is over to replace it with the dead one, then promptly forget by the time I get home to replenish the baggie with fresh ones.

There was a time when the kids were younger where this kind of thing would happen to me on the way home from school. Usually in the younger grades, there’s a group of kids and accompanying parents or guardians walking en mass home along the main residential street. The kids would huddle together and yip yap as these things go, and us adults would follow, keeping an eye on strays who run after fallen leaves or cats appearing from behind fences.

Naturally the parents are also conversing.

And of course, my battery would decide to die during those chats.

At that time, I was not ‘open and out’ about my hearing loss. I still don’t advertise, but by now, with kids in tween and teen age, the majority of time the people I’m with know this about me.

Also I learned not to give a shit as much anymore. 🙂

How do you deal with batteries dying right in the middle of some important event or circumstance?



2 thoughts on “When the battery dies at the most crucial time

  1. Yeah, I stopped caring about the batteries thing too. I realized as I get older that most people are too preoccupied about their own stuff to spend time worrying about other people…😉


  2. I have hearing loss in both ears, although it is mild … just at the beginning level of needing hearing aids. I keep the batteries in my purse and when needed, I just change the batteries in front of people. Sometimes I get a bit of a funny look, but I don’t care …

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