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What to love about hearing loss

Seriously, it hardly ever occurs to me to actually like something about my hearing loss. Yet just this morning, I realized something amid some unpleasant noises the kids were making: I do occasionally rather like the fact that I have a hearing impairment.

Picture it:

The kids are not getting ready for school. The 12yo is teasing his younger sister while crashed on the couch. She starts complaining in that little-girl-voice that can get into the high decibels, you know what I mean, right?

I’m at the island counter facing the dining area, preparing lunches. I want silence, or normal voices talking kind to one another, not screechy whining and complaining.

The bedroom door, which I can see at the far end of the house, is still closed. He’s still sleeping. I wonder, how long till the kids’ bickering will wake him up?

Then it dawns on me. I’m wearing my aid. Makes the sounds even more annoying…

So I take it out. It’s suddenly a lot quieter. The white-noise from the tv news station disappears, so does the clattering of dishes and other kitchen noises I’m making while prepping lunch.

It’s not completely quiet, but it’s a lot quieter…and even though I can still somewhat hear the kids, it’s not as pronounced, or distracting.

Not that that’s an excuse for them to continue…but there you have it. I got to turn it down a notch or two, to save my sanity.




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