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Noisy kitchen appliances

Have you ever noticed that some kitchen appliances are really loud? I’m not talking about the big ones, like dishwashers, but rather the small, top-of-the counter types.

Like kettles, for example.

hearing challenges while kettle is plugged in

We have an electric kettle and that thing is making too much noise for my liking.

Take today: half the family is home, the other half is getting home. We are also dog sitting. The house is kinda busy, and noisy (with the kids just getting in from various sports activities).

Us adults take a few moments to chat and catch up, but while we’re doing that, he plugs in the kettle.

The kettle starts to come alive with noise:


My partner is talking. I feel distracted. I keep looking at the kettle, then at his face. I can only hear half of what he’s saying and I’m wearing my hearing aid. Maybe that’s the problem, the digital technology inside my ear is increasing the noise level.

How do normal-hearing people manage with all this so-called white noise?

I tell my partner, do you need to boil this right now? He says “I’ll talk to you when it shuts off”.

Ok, that works. Because I find that kettle noise extremely distracting in an annoying kind of way when I’m trying to hear conversation.

In the meantime, I googled ‘quiet electric kettles’. It came back with over 400k results. The top results? All from the UK.

That doesn’t help me much since the UK is across the Atlantic ocean, and they have different voltages over there from us here in North America…

I do know through my twitter feed that the UK has a huge deaf culture out and about on social media. Seems they are all looking for quiet kettles over there… 🙂

But I’m sitting here in Canada, googling around. I quickly lost interest what with the vast amount of advertising google is pushing on me, so I guess I’ll just hold off on conversing with people during the few minutes it takes to boil some water in a kettle. I can live with that.


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