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How to deal with unpleasant noises

It’s the bickering that will be the end of me. Continue reading “How to deal with unpleasant noises”

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It all started with mumbling…

Something is bugging me. My tween is mumbling under his breath. Often. Continue reading “It all started with mumbling…”

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What to love about hearing loss

Seriously, it hardly ever occurs to me to actually like something about my hearing loss. Yet just this morning, I realized something amid some unpleasant noises the kids were making: I do occasionally rather like the fact that I have a hearing impairment. Continue reading “What to love about hearing loss”

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Too busy to fret about disability (or hearing loss)

Something weird is happening to me.

I am not obsessed, distracted or down about my hearing loss lately. How can this be? Continue reading “Too busy to fret about disability (or hearing loss)”

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A day in the life: lost items, phone-calls and other irritations

The other day my partner mistakenly took my reading glasses and went to the rink.

I did not know this at the time and spent 20 minutes looking for my readers.

My readers are a special prescription that allow me to read small print while wearing my distance contact lenses.

They are not drugstore type readers you can pick up for 20 bucks. Continue reading “A day in the life: lost items, phone-calls and other irritations”

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When the hard of hearing parent can’t hear the crying child

Last evening, my girl and I were home alone while the boys were out at hockey.

This is a rare occasion around here having a night at home…and the perfect opportunity for her and I to set up the house for a family Halloween movie night the next day (today).

We moved some furniture around, we decorated inside and out, we made some Halloween treats! It was fun, and relaxing, and in between, she reviewed her French notes for her test today.


All in all, it was an easy week-night for us both. Continue reading “When the hard of hearing parent can’t hear the crying child”

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The sound of quiet, and how it almost gave me a heart attack

The sound of quiet is different for us hard of hearing people.

My home office is on the main, open-concept floor of our house. It’s close to the kitchen, next to a window, and tucked into the corner behind the huge 1930s dining table we found at a consignment store.

My home office therefore is in the middle of all the action when people are home.

When people are not home, my home office corner is blissfully quiet. I don’t even register white noise… Continue reading “The sound of quiet, and how it almost gave me a heart attack”