Hearing loss and social situations: when it feels tiresome to explain a disability

Yesterday was not a good hearing day. Continue reading


When the battery dies at the most crucial time

Does that happen to you?

I’m sitting in, say, a rink watching my son play hockey. I position myself just so that my good hearing ear is next to the people I sit beside so I can hear them if they choose to comment about something.

(Ok, a lot of cheering and yelling goes on during a hockey game, but you know what I mean.)

We’re at this most crucial time during a game. It could go either way:  if we score, we win. If the other team scores, we lose.

THIS is the time my hearing aid battery decides to give the three-alarm beeps to announce death is imminent.

I. Hate. That. Continue reading

A day in the life: lost items, phone-calls and other irritations

The other day my partner mistakenly took my reading glasses and went to the rink.

I did not know this at the time and spent 20 minutes looking for my readers.

My readers are a special prescription that allow me to read small print while wearing my distance contact lenses.

They are not drugstore type readers you can pick up for 20 bucks. Continue reading