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Sitting in waiting rooms with hearing loss

The other day I spent too much time sitting in an emergency waiting room.

It wasn’t serious, my situation, but urgent at the time the decision was made to visit a doctor. My situation actually improved by itself the longer I waited for medical attention (how ironic). If you’re interested in reading what happened, I invite you to go to my other blog and read about it there. The focus over there is more about momlife, parenting and relationship concerns, role modeling, that sort of thing.

But this post is going to address a different observation I made while sitting there in the waiting room. The focus of this blog is about hearing loss, and how everyday things affect those who struggle with hearing. This post will shed a different light (and different questions) on the same experience.

Intrigued? Read on… 🙂

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When hard of hearing people misplace their mobile phone

We’ve all done it: we put the phone down someplace and go off doing something only to suddenly realize that the phone is missing.

Now where did we put it?

What most people do when this happens to them is rather simple: they call their phone from someone else’s phone.


My son often takes my phone to call himself when he can’t find his.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy except for two things: Continue reading

Trouble with hearing aids, and how to make your own desiccant container

Ok look. I wear one hearing aid in my left ear, and it’s a CIC (Completely In Canal) one. Very small, right? I used to have the bigger ones that fit behind the ear, but that was when I was much younger. I love my CIC now, so easy and convenient!

Well, love is a strong word. I wish I didn’t have to wear any aid. However, it is what it is and now I have all these issues…

Allow me to share with you some of the stupid things I do with my hearing aid. Like this morning: Continue reading